Abyssal Tauren
Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 28.8.2016
Type Demon from Abyss
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Bloodthirsty
Fighting style Melee

Rely on dark magic from abyss

Abilities Enhanced Strengh
Black pool
Dark Rift
Abyssal Spikes
Can be killed only in abyss
Weaknesses Vulnerable while casting
Can stuck himself while charging
Fast freaks can retreat from pool making it useless
Status Alive
Occupation Gathering powers for abyss
Trying to open portals for abyssal armies
Superiors Houndmaster of abyss
Faceless one
Subordinates Houndmaster of abyss
Faceless one
Allies Houndmaster
Faceless one
Enemies Everything that is trying to stop him or isn´t from abyss

Abyssal Tauren is 2 BLK Heavies fused together TF2 Monsters created by steam user: Chaos Sorcerer.

His battle theme is : Dark Souls OST - Taurus Demon


Abyss Tauren was the first to go through dark portal and first member of Abyss Hunters. He and his folks Houndmaster and Faceless one have to gather cultists, slaves, strong allies and open portal for armies of abyss that want to destroy the planet of freaks. His backstory is unknown.

Appearence and personality

Abyss Taurus is BLK 2 fused Heavies top one wearing Minsk Beef, Heavy-Weight Champ, Bone-Cut Belt and Monstrous Mandible. He is wielding Scotsman´s Skullcutter that are fused together.

Abyss Taurus is dangerous foe to fight against, he loves to fight and never ever retreats.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strengh


Black pool-Abyssal Tauren creates pool, powering him, his allies and weaking his foes but he can only use it once per 2 days meaning its more of situational ability.

Dark Rift- Tauren opens portal that lasts 5 minutes from where the abyssal guards or his 2 allies will come to assist him.

Firestorm- Tauren calls down waves of fire that damage anything in the area.

Abyssal Spikes- Tauren will call spikes that will grow from the ground impaling or damaging enemies in large area.

He can be defeated but can be only killed in abyss.

Faults and Weaknesses

When Charging against his foe sometimes his horns will get stuck in trees, building etc.

Freaks that are fast can run away from black pool making it usseless.

Casting dark rift will make Taurus vulnerable.


This freak was inspired by Pit lord/Underlord from dota 2 and is using his voice.

Black pool was inspired by Azmodan´s ultimate from heroes of the storm.

Houndmaster and Faceless one have ability Dark Rift too.

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