Creator BurgerLord
Creation 7/10/16
Type Anomaly
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Cheerful
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Magical abilities
Peak enhanced fitness
Weaknesses Child-like mentality
Status Alive
Occupation Warrior
Allies Everyone (or at least she tries to be)
Enemies Evil freaks (specifically Nequam)

Artemis is a BLU female Scout freak conceptualized by BurgerLord.

Her passive theme is Overworld - Super Mario World 2.

Her battle theme is X vs Zero - Mega Man X5.

Her super mode theme is Finale - Undertale.

Appearance and Personality

Artemis is a BLU FemScout wielding a Freedom Staff.

Artemis' backstory is shrouded in mystery, though she seems to have a personal vendetta against Nequam.

That said, she has a child-like behavior and has a rather bubbly disposition (despite presumably being around since the dawn of time). She'll taunt her opponent, blame things on other people and is just downright petty.

However, she genuinely cares for good and innocent people and will protect them at any cost.

Because she's on the BLU Team, she'll (obviously) help the BLU team get intelligence and capture points. Though she may hate RED mercs, she's just fine with RED freaks and may even downright admire them.

Powers and Abilities

Artemis is rather skilled in magic, almost matching that of Nequam's reality warping skills. Her main magical attacks are:

  • Bomb conjuration: Artemis can summon bomb carts at will. Sometimes even more than one bomb cart.
  • Unusual projectile creation: By unusual, I don't mean unusual hats. She can summon things like ubered sandviches and use them as on-command bullets or even heat-seeking missiles.
  • Basic telekinesis: Or rather, she can move things with her staff.
  • Explosion Jump: She can create a small combustion that has enough force to lift her off the ground and travel far distances.

She has a fail safe attack where she makes everything explode within a 2 mile radius.

For someone who relies on magical ability, Artemis has rather impressive strength. She's able to go toe to toe with something 6 times her height.

If all else fails or if she's getting impatient in a battle, she goes into a super mode, where she gains "kill-streak eyes" and a purple crit charge.

Faults and Weaknesses

Artemis' child-like behavior makes her oblivious and ignorant to many things, such as traps, snipers and even some evil freaks, all the evil freak has to do is say they aren't evil and she'll overlook them.

Because she relies on magic ability, her full strength isn't even unlocked and probably won't ever be.

She has no clue about human nature, communication or sense of humor. Therefor, she might do something drastic because of miscommunication.


Artemis' name comes from the Greek goddess of the same name.

Artemis is based off of Star from Star vs the Forces of Evil.