Black Shogun
Black Shogun
Creator Blasteroid
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Fighting style Strategic
Abilities Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Swordsmanship
Game Avatar Transformation
Weaknesses Air/Gas Freaks
Dependency on swords
Limited to close-ranged combat
Higher ranked Freaks
Status Alive
Occupation Swordsman
Ally of Duke and Fortress Legion
Allies Duke

Black Shogun is a BLK Demoman TF2 Freak made by Blasteroid.


Black Shogun, otherwise known as Tim,is one of Duke's friends in reality,and is a player of the game Samurai Showdown. In the game, he displays great skill at strategies to outsmart other people, even in real life he is always seen waiting for his best chance of victory. This has led to many people wanting to obtain him for their team, but no one knows the his true identity. Duke first encountered him the digital world, Duke questions how he got there, and he swiftly attacks Duke, but he quickly transforms into Taiga and after a deadly sword clash battle, he was defeated.

Black Shogun began to reveal that he is Tim, telling Duke that many of their friends got turned into their game avatars and was forced to fight against each other in order for one of them to from in the digital world. Duke told him that he knew what happens, that it is because of the games' villains influence on the games, Tim and the rest will be trapped in their forms forever unless they fight each other to determinate who survives.

He quickly agrees to help Duke defeat the freed monsters and villains from the games in order to free both him and his friends. The dual-sword wielding warrior joins the battle to both save lives and to free himself and his friends from vanishing.


As Black Shogun, Tim wears a black colored Samur-Eye and Menpo Mask, completely black colored Bushi-Dou armor and Shin Shredders.

Powers and Abilities

While being his game avatar Black Shogun, Tim has gained his Freak ability, able to transform into his respective game avatar and unlike Duke, he can use his ability of smoke mainpulation in his normal form due to his mastery of his powers in the game. He is mainly able to endure attacks, but since he wants to avoid as much damage as possible, he uses both skill and strategy to its full advantage by coming up with a plan of his own while ducking, covering and/or countering.

Faults and Weaknesses

Black Shogun is vulnerable and weak against air or gas users, without his dual katanas he is be forced to rely on blocking damage using his arms, making him vulnerable to almost any heavily damaging attacks. He is not skilled at long range and needs to get close to deal any possible damage to his foes, mainly tougher ranged Freaks.