Bomb King
Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 7.10.2016
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Smart
Abilities Grumpy Bomb
Special Sticky Bombs
King Bomb
Huge Sticky Bomb launcher
Controling normal mercenary bombs or weaker freaks
Weaknesses Stuns himself when he crash to nearby surroundings
Grumpy Bomb has smaller area and can be blocked by surroundings
Cant control bombs of freaks like Scrurry Scrumpy Campoman
Cant predict if his Huge Sticky Bomb Launcher will launch him wrong way or explode
Special Sticky bombs do little damage when only one
Status Alive
Occupation King of all bombs
Saving any kind of bombs
Enemies Demomans that use bombs
Any freak that uses bombs as his weapon

Bomb King is BLU Heavy TF2 Freak created by steam user: Chaos Sorcerer.

His theme is "Pigeon John - The Bomb"

His battle theme is "One Punch man OST- Boros Theme Song (The ruler)"

Appearance and Personality

Bomb King is BLU Heavy wearing King of Scotland Cape, A Whiff of the Old Brimstone and Prince Tavish's Crow.

He is calling himself a king and saviour of bombs even when he detonates them sometimes calling them a war heroes because of saving another bombs that will fall just to save another bombs that will again do the same thing.

Powers and Abilities

Even when he looks like dumb freak he is very smart and can possibly make a very good strategy against that attack him if he has a little bit of time.

Can control any normal mercenary bombs or weaker freak bombs.

Grumpy Bomb - Throws a giant bomb that after 5 seconds explodes stunning enemies and dealing damage.

Special Sticky Bombs - Unlike other sticky bombs this one can speak and knockback more then any other.

King Bomb - Bomb king rolls into sticky bomb and launching at enemies. When he explodes he deals damage and stuns nearby enemies.

Huge Sticky Bomb Launcher - Launches himself and travels huge distances. He mainly uses for sieging enemies, fortresses and as combo with his Grumpy bomb and King Bomb.

Faults and Weaknesses

Grumpy Bomb doesn't have that big radius as it looks.

The problem with special sticky bombs is they do very little damage when alone and are easy to dodge.

Special Sticky Bombs do damage only when they are right sticked on enemy's body.

When in King Bomb he has very bad sight because of rolling and can easily crash to nearby surroundings.

Even when he is smart enough to siege any kind of fortress he can't predict if his Huge Sticky Bomb Launcher will launch him wrong way or explode.

He can't control bombs of freaks like Scurry Scrumpy or Campoman.


Bomb King was based on Bomb King from Paladins.