Chef Manburuzu
Creator Simplenoise8
Creation 2016-07-16
Debut N/A
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Neutral
Fighting style Long Range or Short Range
Abilities Enhanced Agility and Speed
Weaknesses Not typically violent
Has limited weapons
Mist doesn't work on all opponents
Status Alive
Occupation Chef
Superiors N/A
Subordinates Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown

Chef Pyro Manburuzu (often just Chef Manburuzu) is a RED Pyro TF2 Freak conceptualized by Wikia User Simplenoise8.

Appearance and Personality

Chef Manburuzu is a RED Pyro wearing the Connoisseur's Cap painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge, the Sengoku Scorcher painted Muskelmannbraun and the Mustachioed Mann Style 1 painted A Distinct Lack of Hue. He wields several Flying Guillotines and Frying Pans to use either to make food or to fight enemies.

Chef Manburuzu is an ambitious, energetic chef from Kong King who strives to become a master at what he does, thus he travels around the TF2 Freak World to show his food to others to see what they think and to try and become a master chef.

He is energetic and happy but when he gets angry he will become furious, usually knocking over any objects or furniture around. He sometimes overestimates himself due to his ambitiousness usually leading him into trouble.

Powers and Abilities

Chef Manburuzu's only real power is that he has enhanced agility and speed. Otherwise his only means of defense is using martial arts that he learned before leaving Kong King and to use Flying Guillotines or Frying Pans to attack.

He also has mist that he can throw from his hands into the opponents eyes to disorient them and blind them for a short period of time.

Faults and Weaknesses

Chef Manburuzu is not typically violent unless he has been provoked, so freaks that usually use sneak attacks have advantages against him.

He can't summon Guillotines and Frying Pans and has a limited number of them so he can't rely too much on them, making him have to fight unarmed most of the time, so freaks whom are very strong against unarmed freaks have an advantage.

His mist is useless against freaks with goggles, other eye-protection or an immunity to it.


  • Manburuzu is (according to Google Translate) japanese for mumbles.