Death Curl
Death curl

Once a normal teenager that died on a bus crash on his way to school, he's now an emotionless minion to his father Osma.
Creator SuperFrank225
Creation 24 November 2015
Debut Red Olona: The Death Curl
Type Enhanced Minion
Alignment Lawful Evil
Fighting style Michael Myers
Abilities Knife Stabbing
Pain Immunity
Weaknesses Vunerable while jumping
Pain still damages his body
Status Deceased†
Occupation Minion
Superiors Osma Hamilton
Subordinates The Undead Raha Squad
Allies Osma Hamilton
Enemies Red Olona

Piss Cakehole

Captain Kraj

Death Curl  was a vicious teamless scout TF2 Freak created by YouTuber SuperFrank225 and icy guy2.

His first theme song was the Main Theme of God of War II.

His second theme was Bang from MadWorld.


Death Curl was a regular teenager who was the son of Osma Hamilton. One day while on a bus too school, the bus suddenly exploded. A few minutes later ambulances took the children that were alive too the hospital. While the ones who were dead, were sent too the morgue. Osma then stole his body, dumping it in his car. After finding a hidden underground base, Osma ressurected him. This caused him too become "Death Curl". An emotinless minion of Osma.


Death Curl wore the Mad Batter, Phantom's Facade, and held a Backbiter just to show off his silent monstrous side.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Death Curl was an emotionless minion who worked for his father. He sometimes went on missions for Osma. Although he was usually just kept at the base. When in combat though, Death Curl was very dangerous.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Back Stabbing: He often used his backbiter to back-stab, throat-slice, or cut off the heads of the victims around him (innocent or freaks/monsters that were evil but against him).

Appearance: Because of his appearance, many people entered a panicked state when spotting him.

Agility: His most well-known ability. He could jump and climb on walls very easily. And he had more jump height then the average human.

Pain Immunity: Although an ability that technically doesn't do anything, it is still worth mentioning. Although the pain was very real and has an effect, Death Curl himself wasn't capable of feeling it.


Although he could not feel the pain, it still existed and and still damaged his body. And while jumping or climbing walls, he was very vunerable.


  • This character is the main antagonist of the Red Olona episode of the same name.
  • He is based off by the classic horror movie villain Michael Myers and shares similarites to Team Killer (due to wearing the phantom's facade).
  • His abilty to not feel pain is partially based off the Dollotrons from DC comics.
  • Despite not feeling pain, he was killed by Dic Soupcan's bomb.


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