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Deep Water
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation Early 2016
Debut Late 2017 (Halloween)
Type Vampire
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malevolent
Fighting style Ranged/Melee
Abilities Corruptible Touch
Meat Hook (Melee/Ranged)
Energy Drain (Vampire suck)Bone Imprisonment</small>Skeletal Summon
Weaknesses Arises fro the depths every 150 Years
Status In Hibernation
Occupation Causing as much chaos as he can in 12 hours

Deep Water is a RED Spy Vampire TF2 Freak made by user Captain Huzan.


Arising Date/Fall DateEdit

Deep Water arises for 12 hours only on Halloween and goes back into hibernation at 4:00 AM


  • Corruptible Touch: Turns normal mercenary's onto his side for the time being of his active time
  • Deep is able to suck his victims blood/life force
  • Bone Imprisonment: Able to trap victims in a bone like cage with the deceased people he has killed in the past
  • Skeletal Summon: After Deep Water kills a vitim he can trade it to his "Graveyard" to summon a skeleton guard with enhanced speed but less durability then just having a corpse do his bidding


  • Stakes will send him back even if 12 hours has not passed
  • He will go back into hibernation even if he hasn't killed anyone
  • Magic
  • Arises every 150 years for 12 hours


  • Jaquses is voicing Deep Water