Dictus is RED Medic TF2 Freak created by wikia user: Chaos Sorcerer.


Dictus appears as a RED Medic with Burly Beast, Hundkopf(The value of teamwork) and Roo Ripers. When he is fully enraged his wings look like Fallen Angel painted in dark brown (probably Radigan Conagher Brown). He is also bigger probably by twenty percent then other mercenaries.

Personality and Behaviour

Dictus as a human chimera accidentaly took a different instincts and personalities of beasts he was combined with. Main instinct and personality that took over him the most is a wolf like. This wolf instincts gave Dictus a very big need of wolf company and territorial. Other instinct that takes control of him most comes from Giant Russian Boar. This specific type of boar instincts gave Dictus such aggresivity towards other creatures that he would attack them unprovoked most of the time. Other beast instintcs add a lot less to his own instincts and personality then this two.

As Dictus is particuraly made out of beasts that hunt in evening and night he too goes out of his lair. Like any other predator he is extremely territorial and any sign of threat to his territory or just a tresspasser will hang from a tree with guts out of their bodies that would only serve as a food for scavengers.

Abilities and Powers

Dictus is literal human chimera that takes mixed abilities and enhancements from beasts the chemicals were made of. Such of this abilities that he took is ability of limited flight and echolocation. Echolocation is ability to navigate by sound waves only user can hear. He also gained ability to extend his claws. This claws are also very strong and they could probably go through some metals.

Enhaned Agility

Enhanced Strengh

Enhanced Leap

Faults and weaknesses

As chimera of different types of animals he too takes their faults and weaknesses that can even counter themselfs.

Main weaknesses is his poor eye sight that he took mainly from creatures like vampiric bat or boar and lot more. There are a lot more of these then the ones with good eye sight so they counter between each other.

As a normal beast he has a great fear of fire.