Creation 2015
Type Freak
Alignment Good Neutral
Attitude Insane, Friendly
Fighting style Mid-Ranged
Abilities Energy Manipulation
Rage Form
Weaknesses Weak Physical Strength
Larva Phobia
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary
Subordinates Red Team
Allies Red Team

Dr.Verrückt is an insane RED Medic made by icy guy2


Dr.Verrückt appears as a RED Medic wearing the items from The Mad Doktor cosmetic set. However, he additinaly wears the Quadwrangler. In his first rage form he appears with a BLU übered effect, in his second form however, he appears with a RED übered effect. He is typically seen carying around his trusty bonesaw nicknamed "The Corpsman's Cutlass"

Personality and Behavior

Dr.Verrückt is an insane but good-hearted induvidual. Though he may not look like it, Verrückt actully loves being out on the battlefield and killing. That doesn't mean that won't shy away from doing crazy expirements in his castle though.

Powers and Abilities

Energy Manipulation: With the help of his trusty Quadwrangler, Verrückt can manipulate and create energy which he can control. They take the form of strange electrified energy balls, he can also charge them up making them bigger and thus, causing them to do more damage.

"Rage Form" Like alot of freaks/monsters, Verrückt has a "Rage" form. However, unlike most freaks he actully has two "Rage" forms. The first one is his weakest, and can only defeat/kill a mid-level freak/monster. However, in his second form Verrückt becomes extremely powerfull. Getting a gigantic boost in strength and defense, in these forms his energy balls also change colour to match his appearance.

Bonesaw: Verrückt has his own customized bonesaw, nicknamed "The Corpsman's Cutlass". It is modified to be much longer and sharper than a regular bonesaw.

Faults and Weaknesses

His bonesaw is his only weapon for meele combat, which makes him a punching bag if a strong physical opponent manages to knock it out of his hand/hands. He also has a fear larvea if you can belive that, he is also as weak as a medic in physical means,defense, and lastly speed.