Feu Zlost
Feu zlost
This guy doesn't talk very much, but he enjoys being friends with Olona and his other allies.
Creator SuperFrank225
icy guy2
Creation 26/11/2015
Debut Red Olona: The Alliance
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Calm
Fighting style Mid-Range
Abilities Shotgun
Weaknesses Weak
Status Alive
Allies Red Olona
Piss Cakehole
Dic Soupcan
Lick Nick
Captain Kraj
Enemies Osma Hamilton
Death Curl
Lehen Metal

Feu Zlost is a PRL Spy made by SuperFrank225 and icy guy2. His theme song is Sweet Tooth's Bedroom from Twisted Metal 4.

Origin Edit

Feu Zlost used to be a regular buissnesman with a wife. One day, he found out that his wife had been sleeping with a military teacher. Enraged, the Spy grabbed his shotgun and found out where this teacher was. This teacher appeard to be teaching a class of up-coming soldiers. Feu then shot him in his skull, killing him. Little did he know that this would make Osma Hamilton lose his sanity. A few weeks later, Feu would hear that his wife had been found dead, and that the presumed killer must have been very agile and acrobatic.

Feu would then enter a depression. As he was almost about to kill himself, a horrible mutant known as Red Olona encountered him. Feu (not knowing who he was) told the Heavy about his troubles. The mutant quickly knew what he was talking about, and told him his story. They then became best friends, as he would help Olona on his quest to kill Osma and his minions. It was only until later he would learn about his freakish abilities.

Appearance Edit

Feu Zlost appears as a PRL Spy wearing Snow Assasin.

Personality and Behavior Edit

In contrast to his friends, Feu is a rather calm and smart individual. He is also rather quiet. But even though he is regularly quiet, he enjoys talking, and is usualy in an optimistic mood. However, he cares little about his enemies and doesn't care about their pleads for mercy.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Feu carries a shotgun on him at all times. Although it is just a regular shotgun, it is still rather strong.
  • Feu can clone himself and his shotgun to confuse his enemies. Though his clones can still attack.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Unlike his comrades, he himself is rather weak.
  • His clones disappear after one hit.
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