Genital Food
Creator HappyHappyCultist
Creation 4 January 2013
Debut Soldier's Amazing Vacation (Cameo)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Relentless
Abilities Hand-to-Hand Combat
Barrages of Conniver's Kunais
Status Alive, in hiding
Occupation Assassin

Genital Food is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak created by HappyHappyCultist.


His origins are unknown, but some suggest he was once a regular Spy at one point who was exposed to some substance that manipulated his mental capabilities (In a manner resembling that of a typical Marvel superhero.)

Appearance and Behaviour

Genital Food takes the form of a BLU Spy wearing the Intangible Ascot and the Cosa Nostra Cap. At times, he is shown to be wielding a Sharp Dresser in his sleeve, and also utilizes Conniver's Kunai in attacks. His personality consists of being a tad anti-social, and sometimes maniacal, but when not in a murderous frenzy, he is generally calm, collected, and usually friendly around freaks.

Powers and Abilites

His abilites consists of hand-to-hand combat using his signature blade in his sleeve, will use his psychokinetic powers in fights where his opponent is exhibiting their freakish powers against Genital Food.

Genital Food possesses no monstrous properties, but rather exhibits a different form of power that includes sending a barrage of what appears to be Conniver's Kunais at the opponent only if he is required to. He can initiate a Self-Übercharge, but the difference between this and a typical charge is that his strength is decreased in favour of gaining blinding speed and agility, which would prove to be deadlier in a few instances.

He often begins his fights by warping reality, creating an illusion of either an ominous field vaguely resembling Eyeaduct's underworld or even a Pyrovision-esque field of happiness. He has the ability to levitate and fly, but this is rather limited. He also has exceptional melee skills that far surpass that of a normal Spy, and can prove to be quite a challenging opponent. His constant research of freaks will always be put to use when encountering one.

Faults and Weaknesses

Genital Food's weaknesses include having his psychic powers hindered in situations where he is fighting more than one opponent due to concentration (Similar to Weaselcake.)

Genital Food also lacks any skills a regular Spy would have, such as cloaking, feigning death or disguising, making escape a difficult task for him.

His personality could get the best of him, and he could fall into traps. His durability is the same as the average Spy, and he cannot take truly devastating blows without serious injury.


The name Genital Food is what some may consider a "template name" for which many Freaks go by, for example, Painis Cupcake, Ass Pancakes, Dic Soupcan, etc.