Golden Luke
Golden luke

"Being Lehen's most loyal sidekick and henchman is one wonder he might remember."
Creator SuperFrank225
Creation 27 November 2015
Debut Red Olona: Inhuman Glimpse
Type Space Cowboy
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Loyal
Fighting style Hoyt Volker
Abilities Gun-Shooting
Airborne Charge
Weaknesses Feu'z clones
Nick's powerful scream
Olona's bites and strangling
Status Alive
Occupation Galactic Thug
Superiors Supreme Metal System
Allies Lehen Metal
Black Star
Enemies Red Olona
Lick Nick
Feu Zlost
Osma Hamilton
Death Curl
Captain Kraj

Golden Luke is a YLW Soldier TF2 Freak created by SuperFrank225.

His theme song is the Main Theme Tune of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

His attack theme is the Polka Version from Madagascar 2.


Born in the old west, Luke met Lehen in a certain March night. They first formed their friendship when they robbed 2fort in both RED and BLU bases. While he was terrorizing the RED base, his friend Lehen Metal was at the BLU base capturing Lick Nick while he knocked out Red Olona. Later, when they arrived at their space base at rd_asteroid, they infected him with a vaccine filled with the "vagu" virus/serum after a torture with a machine gun. but as their experiment escaped, they planned something bigger. Take over the entire freak world, allong with Lehen's brother Black Star.

Appereance and Personality

Golden Luke wears TF2 Hex: Riders of Oisiris, Lone Survivor, and Marshal Hat made out of gold. He is Lehen Metal's and Black Star's loyal sidekick/henchman and a very bossy man when around with innocent freaks. When someone refuses to folow orders, he either imprisons them or kills them for his masters.

Powers and Abilities

Gun-Shooting: he usually uses a shotgun to shoot the prisoners who refuse to follow orders and/or often escape the base.

Airborne Charge: Much like Black Star, he can charge at any prisoner at any mile.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Currently he can get outsmarted by any fast-paced and artificially-intelligent prisoner.
  • He can get hurt easily when Feu Zlost's clones attack him.


  • He serves as the tertiary antagonist of the Garry's Mod series Red Olona (with Lehen Metal being the main antagonist, and Black Star being the secondary antagonist.)

Notable Videos

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