Hide Skinner
Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Type Freak
Alignment Lawfull Evil (In stronghold)

Chaotic Evil (When on the hunt)

Attitude Psychopathic Maniac
Abilities Certain Abilities from some clothes and hats
Weaknesses Can wear only 1 hat, 1 cloth and one pair of shoes or overheated
Slow in Bear hat
Can stuck himself when in deer hat
Wolf hat duplicates do less damage and can miss a lot
Unknown Organism hat useless against non-robotic or non-wearing armor freaks
Status Alive
Occupation Staying in his masters stronghold or hunting for skins
Superiors Scientistic Medic
Allies Night Bringer
Fire Mech Boy
Scientistic Medic

Hide Skinner is a BLU Sniper TF2 Freak created by steam user: Chaos Sorcerer

His main theme is: Creature Feature - One Foot In The Grave

His battle theme is: Walrider-Chase theme


He was a normal BLU Sniper that was creating clothes and hats for his team. The one thing his team didn´t know was that he made these clothes and hats also from humans. When they discovered this secret they wanted to execute him because it looked disgusting and against humans like. But then an army of mutants and Scientistic Medic came to the last second and killed all of his team, so only he remained. Scientistic medic wanted him on experiments and he thought Sniper would try to fight but he didn't. He actually thanked him for saving his life and swore that he will follow him until his life ends. Now it's said he is the most loyal general of all the others to serve Scientistic Medic.

Appearance and Personality

Hide Skinner is BLU Sniper wearing Marsupian Man and Scoped Spartan. He is seen with Cozy Camper and Tribalman´s Shiv.

He isn't too much out of the stronghold where Scientistic Medic is, but when he is a long way from it, it means he is on the hunt for skins for his clothes and hats.

Powers and Abilities

Some hats and clothes that he wears will give him a certain abilities.

Most used ones:

Bear hat (Bear Necessities) - More strength and durability.

Wolf hat (K-9 Mane) - Creates duplicates of himself.

Crocodile hat and back (Ol' Snaggletooth and Darwin's Danger Shield) - Faster in water and more resistant against melee weapons on back.

Deer hat (Smissmas Caribou) - Can charge on enemy.

Kangaroo feet (Kanga Kickers) - Makes him jump higher.

Horse hooves and legs (Faun Feet) - Runs a lot faster. Can outrun normal scout

Unknown Organism hat (Alien Cranium) - He can vomit some kind of acid that burns through any kind of metal but doesnt harm flesh and skin.

Weaker freaks skins will sometimes give him their abilities.

Savage Weapon - Weapon inflicts wounds that bleed over time

Faults and Weaknesses

He can wear only one hat, one clothing and one shoes at a time or he will suffer some kind of overheat.

When he has the deer hat and charges, he or at least the hat can become stuck.

When in the Bear hat he is slower. 

The Wolf hat duplicates do less damage and can miss a lot.

Unknown Organism hat is useless against non-robotic or non-armor wearing freaks.


Hide Skinner is using voice lines of Hide Skinner Uruk from shadow of mordor.

Savage Weapon was based on strenghts and weaknesses of Uruks from Shadow of mordor.