Houndmaster of Abyss
Creator Chaos Sorcerer
Creation 29.8.2016
Type Demon
Alignment neutral evil
Attitude Sneaky(doesn´t want to fight much mainly wants to complete mission)
Fighting style Melee
Rely on hounds of Abyss he had trained
Abilities Enhanced Strengh
Dark Rift
Call of hounds
The Rage of hounds
Reincarnation of hounds
Can be killed only in Abyss
Weaknesses Weaker in daylight
Hounds will die when houndmaster defeated
Can be revealed by any liquid
Vulnerable while casting something
Status Alive
Occupation Gathering powers for abyss
Trying to open portals for abyssal armies
Superiors Abyssal Tauren
Faceless one
Subordinates Abyssal Tauren
Faceless one
Allies Abyssal Tauren
Faceless one

Houndmaster is BLK Demoman TF2 Freak created by steam user: Chaos Sorcerer.

His battle theme is: Dark Souls OST - Gaping Dragon


He is the member of Abyss Hunters. As Abyssal Tauren´s and Faceless one his main goal is to make the way for Abyssal Army that wants to bring end to freaks world. His backstory is unknown.

Appearence and Personality

Houndmaster of Abyss is BLK demoman wearing Headtaker´s Hood and Horsemann´s Hand-Me-Down. He is without grenades. He holds the mighty Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker.

Most of the time he will not attack unprovoked but when it happens not only he calls upon his pets and abyssal hunters but he is even dangerous to face alone.

Powers and abilities

Enhanced Strengh

Dark Rift- Like Tauren and Faceless one he will open a portal that lasts 5 minutes summoning abyssal guards or his 2 allies that will come to assist him.

Call of hounds- He will call upon his 2 hounds from abyss to aid him.

Invisability- He mainly uses it to go through large number of people undetected or when casting Reincarnation of hounds but when in fight lets just say it isn´t very honorable.

The Rage of hounds- When 1 of his pets dies he will double his strengh but for great cost of his 2nd pets life.

Reincarnation of hounds- When any corpse of demoman around he can reincarnate his hounds back but it will take 1 full day and Houndmaster needs to be calm in order to do this.

Like Tauren and Faceless one he can be only killed in Abyss.

Faults and weaknesses

He and his hounds are weaker in daylight.

Hounds will die when houndmaster is defeated.

Can be revealed by any liguid while invisible.

Vulnerable while casting something.


Abyssal Tauren and Faceless one have ability Dark Rift too.