2013-10-23 00038
Creator MrFlipmaster12
Creation 10/20/13
Debut The Wrath Of Devil Pyro Part 2: Ice And Fire
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Brutal
Fighting style Various
Abilities Teleportation
Ice shield (whilst teleporting)
Super Strength
Ice breath
Ice Transformation
Sharp Claws
Hunting Skills
Weaknesses Fire
Ice shield disabled once at his location
Status Alive
Occupation Serial Killer
Superiors Devil Pyro
Allies Fyro (Twin brother)
Enemies All TF2 Freaks

"Iyro when he senses that someone is in his lair "

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Iyro (Also known as Iceyro) Is a BLU Pyro TF2 Freak created by youtube user MrFlipmaster12


Iyro is a BLU Pyro with A light blue mask and light blue Rail Spikes

Behavior and PersonalityEdit

He lives in any cold habitat he stays at his habitat and leaves when theirs no more people or people coming in for him to eat but he can get Vicious and Fight for his territory and he can claim his territory by killing the person who claims the territory when he hunts, he's dead silence and often sneaks up on them and then attacks them and takes off one of their limbs or kills them and eats them

Powers and AbilitesEdit

He has Super-human strength.

His ice breath can freeze his victim's limbs if they try to fight or escape.

He can turn any object into ice so he could use it to turn people into ice.

Iyro is very well at hunting so he can kill his victims with ease.

While he teleports he has a ice shield which can protect him from any attack move

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Fire can critically damage him or kill him very easily

when Iyro teleports to a location the ice shield will worn off and won't work until his energy recharges for him to be able to teleport


it is unknown why he has ice powers instead of Fire powers like most demonic gmod monsters have

Iyro is one of the only demons in The Wrath Of Devil Pyro series that can't talk but the other ones that can't are Devil Pyro's Undead army and all of the zombies that came back from the dead 

Notable videosEdit

The Wrath Of Devil Pyro Part 2:Ice And Fire