Lick Nick
Llik Gnik
"This vagineer doesn't do much violent actions as he is allies with Red Olona and the others."
Creator SuperFrank225
Creation 27 November 2015
Debut Red Olona: New Allies (Part 1)
Type Sidekick
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Wrathful
Fighting style Hunter
Abilities Flesh-Consuming
Weaknesses Death Serum
Status Alive
Occupation Superior Creature
Allies Red Olona
Piss Cakehole
Dic Soupcan
Feu Zlost
Captain Kraj
Enemies Osma Hamilton
Death Curl
Lehen Metal
Lick Nick is a superior RED Vagineer TF2 Monster created by SuperFrank225.

His theme song is Lab Rat from Fantastic Four.


Lick used to be a regular RED Engineer that helped his team during any battle at 2fort. He and a Heavy (precisely Red Olona) were infiltrating a BLU Base until they encountered Lehen Metal and as the inhuman galactic super villain knocked out the RED Heavy, he took Llik with him to his base at rd_asteroid and experimented him with his machine gun and a vaccine to insert the “vagi” virus. Thus, a good set of minutes later, Lick (now the Vagineer he is) escaped Lehen's base and the inhuman space criminal got enraged because it was his only creation to destroy the innocent denizens of the freak world, but as he got away, he had much bigger plans in mind. When Lick and Dic Soupcan met Olona and his friend Piss Cakehole, they became allies and journeyed to find Osma Hamilton and Death Curl. But Olona was wanting Osma's help to find Lehen. And so, that's how Vagineer became superior and a helpful sidekick to Olona and his allies.


Llik appears to be appearing as a dark RED vagineer with a gunslinger. Practically to use his moves at any cost.


He is often helpful when around his friends but can often show his wrathful side when facing big enemies like Lehen and others. It often forms a connection of protection to any ally of his.

Weaknesses Edit

He can get weakened and loose his powers by getting injected with a huge vaccine (as used by Lehen) and his minions. If he gets hit by Lehen he can immediately loose consciousness and often get injured.


  • He is currently friends with Olona and his allies (via Piss Cakehole and Feu Zlost
  • He is introduced in the first part of New Allies and is currently confirmed to be tritagonist of its series (with Piss Cakehole being the series' deuteragonist).


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