Creator Icy guy2
Type Madman
Alignment Chaotic Evil (?)
Attitude Sadistic

Aggressive (When angered)

Fighting style Vehicles


Abilities Titanium Bumper Car

Acidic Puke

Amusement Park Lordship

Weaknesses Bad Close Combatant


Status Alive
Occupation Mischief Maker

Lobo is a crazy RED Medic made by icy guy2

Appearance Edit

Lobo appears as a RED Medic wearing The Best Medicine, and Lobo the Clown (both being items from the Laught Addict set). He is typically seen with a sadistic smile on his face. In combat he might get an angry frown on his face, typically when he is either hit and/or damaged.

Personality and Behavior Edit

Lobo wanders around the freak world, typically with his bumper cart, causing mischief and chaos where ever he goes. However, Lobo can turn from harmless to deadly in a matter of seconds. A lot of the time Lobo turns aggressive without anybody having triggered him. This makes him very unpredictable, and quite deadly. When he is angry however, Lobo is merciless to who ever triggered him. Hunting them down and murdering them no matter how polite or nice they are.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Bumper Cart: As i have already mentioned, Lobo has a bumper cart. Though this may not sound intimidating, his bumper cart is made of titanium, making it very powerful.

Puke: For unknown reasons, Lobo has acid like puke, which he can deploy when ever he wants. Like acid, his puke causes serious skin damage, and is also incredibly painful.

Amusement Park: Even though this is technically not an attack, it is still worth a mentioning. Lobo owns and abandoned amusement park, which is filled with all sorts of devices. Such as a roller coaster that purposely derails itself, a room filled with fun house mirrors, where the door shuts down, causing you to go insane while you starve to death. And a room where a bunch of robotic arms hold you back from escaping a giant buzz saw. And a few others!

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Lobo is a bad close combatant, allowing him to be beaten by nearly any physicly based freak/monster.
  • He is as frail as a medic in both speed, defense, and durability.
  • Lobo is very unintelligent, and he can be outsmarted just more easily while riding his bumper cart.