Creator Mimicry Legends
Creation 9th of December
Debut Pending
Type Android
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Doubtful
Fighting style All Range
Status Alive (Technically)
Occupation Hunter
Merc For Hire

Medimiazer is a BLU Robo-Medic freak made by Steam and Wikia user, Mimicry Legends

His theme is Pegboard Nerds - BAMF


Medimiazer is seen wearing the Virus Doctor, the Mecha-Medes and the Byte'd Beak

He is always seen holding the Crusader's Crossbow and a Ubersaw at hand, and holds a live heart as a light in a bird cage.


Medimiazer was part of a elite unit of rouge robots, set on destroying one team of Grey Mann bots, who had also gone rouge, but decide to make punishment for other humans, and their own kind. Medimiazer went on with his trusted allies and faced the robots on their own, but only to end up killing all except a broken Medimiazer. His leader was furious with the result and banished him from ever joining any of their units or communicating with them. The leader hadn't bothered to fix Medimiazer, so he went off yet again broken, and in a few days, he had fallen quickly, but a group of Engineers, all from different teams, found and fixed him. The YLW Engineer found a data bank of when he was, suprisingly, a human who had gone on a rush to their control point, but were blown to gibs by a group of Demomen. After hearing so, Medimiazer set off to find the Demomen, one was slowly dying, two others were injured and the rest where ready to fight Medimiazer, but once he saw of what remained of the team, he refused to fight, but instead went up to the dying Demoman and gouged his heart out, and replaced it with a refined, mechanical heart. The Demomen were pleased and with exchange for the saving of the Demoman's life, they put their past differences aside and now went to work with the Engineers, Medimiazer was given two working legs instead of the one wheel, and set him off to a mission that the Engineers had always dreamed of, to find the seven original mercenaries of different teams, and make peace with the teams to stop armed conflicts with themselves, and freaks. Medimiazer's trusted allies, a Scout and a Sniper, both robots, went back to help him in his quest, and the trio had set off yet again.

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