Creator BurgerLord
Creation 10/16/15
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Hateful


Fighting style Mid-Range
Abilities Immense strength

Sonic scream

Weaknesses Slow

Big Target

Status At large
Occupation Serial Killer


— Odium after murdering a group of Spies

Odium is a teamless Sniper freak created by the Youtube user BurgerLord.

Appearance and Personality

Odium is a giant, floating, deformed sniper head with a pair of

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floating sniper hands.

Odium is extremely irritable, as sharing the same space as him will immediately make him want to kill something. It mainly has distaste for Spies.

Abilities and Powers

Being a giant, Odium has immense strength, he can break metal with relative ease.

He can rapidly spit corrosive jarate should his opponent be out of reach or invisible.

He can also let out a sonic scream capable of killing anyone within a 10 foot radius.

Faults and Weaknesses

Odium is too slow for his own good, making him easy to hit from behind.

He is also giant, making him easier to shoot at.

Odium is also not very bright, as he will attack anything, even if it isn't in his best interest.


"Odium" is Latin for "Hatred"

Despite the similarities, Odium is in no way based off of Snyphurr.