Creator Icy guy2
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good (publicly)
Neutral Evil (secretly)
Attitude Friendly (publicly)
Narcissistic (secretly)
Abilities Adrenaline rushes
Status Alive
Enemies Hostile Freaks or Monsters

Omineer is a RED TF2 Freak conceptualized by Wikia contributer Icy guy2.

Appearance and Personality

Omineer is a RED Enginner who wears the Pest Control Cap and the Tank Threads. Although he seems to act genuinely friendly to most people around him, Omineer is actually an inpatient narcissistic. He believes that he is superior to most people around him, and hides his self righteousness by behaving extroverted and acting benevolent.

This mask of friendliness has fooled a large amount of people, which in turn has gotten him a variety of allies. He acts as if his goal is to neutralize hostile freaks and monsters, but in reality he wishes to somehow get their abilities and make it readily available to the public, thus giving him a position of power. He usually shows his true colors in combat, since even if the enemy is strong or capable in a fight, he still treats them like they are a brief annoyance.

Powers and Abilities

Omineer's narcissism isn't totally unwarranted, since he is incredibly resourceful. He is able to create side-arms,makeshift ammunition and armor out of nearby materials. Once creating a shield and a break-action revolver out of a manhole cover and a few rusty pipes.

His "freakish" ability is to give people (usually his allies) adrenaline rushes. These can help his weaker allies gain a ridiculous amount of strength or durability, while more powerful allies experience a brief and usually ineffective or pointless jolt of strength and durability.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Outside of a few sets of weak makeshift equipment, Omineer relies on his allies to fight his battles for him. Therefore in a one versus one fight he usually gets brutally beaten.
  • Omineer often acts overconfident in combat. He occasionally tries to give his foes adrenaline rushes so that they may panic or retreat. This often causes him to inadvertently give them a power boost.
  • Obviously, he cannot create heavy-duty sets of equipment with his materials (like gatling guns or combat armor).
  • Omineer is pretty frail in comparison to most freaks. Despite his abilities being formidable, he is only as strong as a lower-mid ranked Freak.