Creator Icy guy2
Creation 23 January 2016
Debut Pending
Type Monster
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Composed
Fighting style Chucking
Melee (occasionally)
Abilities Chuckers
High Durability
Temporary Invisibility
Status Alive
Occupation Enforcer
Superiors Telepather

Pygilist is a GRY Pyro TF2 Monster wearing the Pyromancer's Mask conceptualized by wikia contributer Icy guy2 (currently known as Friendly Heavy on Steam).

His main theme is Pokemon Omega Ruby - Battle! Archie/Maxie.


Pygilist was once a clumsy RED Pyro who worked on Tuefort. The Pyro tried to ambush three BLU members but slipped and fell in the process. Coincidentally, a BLU Pyro entered the room and attacked him while he was immobilized. Burning his body and scarring his face in the process.

A few hours later, the teams had inexplicably disappeard and the only trace left was the Pyro's burning corpse. The yellow Engineer freak known as Telepather found his body and brought it to his laboratory on thunder mountain. There, he attached a cow skull to the Pyro's face to shield the disfigurement, while simultaneously upgrading his body. When he awoke, the Pyro decided to work for Telepather as a thanks.

Personality and Behavior

Pygilist is always composed and solemn. He acts this way even in urgent situations. He also appears to be level headed, since he knows when he is about to lose. He is merciless and emotionless to his enemies however, as he tries to give them a very undignified death. He isn't directly evil however, just loyal to his evil superior. He won't harm anyone unless provoked or told to, but he tends to ignore most of what other people have to say.

Powers and Abilities

Pygilist's strength and stamina is above average for a normal Pyro, but his main trait is his incredible defense. His skin is reinforced with a tough, titanium material. Which makes him extremely durable, he can survive an explosion with it only ending in knockback. He is especially durable to bladed weapons such as swords, katanas, and small arms fire. This tends to leave his opponent astonished, which gives him time to attack them.

Offensively, Pygilis uses his "Chuckers" to harm his foes. These "Chuckers", are fire axes explicitly built to be thrown by him. In case of an emergency, Pygilist can turn invisible for a short period of time.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Pygilist's body can be gradually worn down by quick attackers. Unless repaired, a simple encounter can lead to lasting damage that can be exploited by later enemies.
  • Although skilled at throwing things, he is a horrible marksman. Which explains why be never uses any firearms.
  • Pygilist's invisibility works like the Spy's invisibility watch, giving him a limited time to use it.
  • Because of his body being roughly 80% titanium, he is weak to magnetic forces.


  • His name is a portmanteau of the words "Pyro" and "Pugilist".