Pyro Knight
Knight Pyro
Creator darkcha0s55x
Creation 26th March 2012
Debut pyro knights day in a nutshell
Alignment Neutral Good
Fighting style close range
Abilities enhanced agility
Status alive

Pyro Knight is a pyro based TF2 Freak created by Youtube user darkcha0s55x.


Pyro Knight appears as a RED Pyro wearing the Spiral Sallet. He has also been seen carrying a Half - Zatochi and a Diamondback pistol.

Personality and Behaviour

Pyro Knight is a charismatic figure towards his friends and enjoys a bit of fun. When in combat, he is very calm and collected in his actions.

Powers and Abilities

Pyro Knight has highly enhanced agility which allows him to quickly maneuver in close combat. He is an adept climber and moves very fast.

His weapon of choice is his katana. He uses this weapon to kill in most instances, however he also uses a Diamondback pistol to kill targets at short ranges.

Faults and Weaknesses

Pyro Knight is phisically still a pyro, and therefore can be damaged regularly.

His lack of medium to long range weaponry makes him especially vulnerable to opponents such as snipers.

Notable Videos