Arena sawmill0681
Creator BurgerLord
Creation 10/16/15
Debut Rise of the Witch
Type Demon
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Observant
Fighting style Mid-ranged
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Weaknesses Low damage tolerance
Status Alive
Subordinates Sergeant Maggot
Sir Gibs-A-Lot
Allies Diablo
Enemies Grim

Pythonissam is a RED Scout's Mom TF2 Freak conceptualized by the YouTube user BurgerLord.

Her battle theme is Die Patient - Silent Hill 2.

Appearance and Personality

Pythonissam takes the form of a RED Scouts Mother, her iris' and pupils are absent.

Most of the time, she is observant, usually stalking freaks and studying them until she strikes. Most of the time, she'll try to strike deals with other freaks, trying to get them to do her dirty work.

Her main goal is to bring about the destruction of the Freak World, but she can't do that without getting materials that are still unknown.

Powers and Abilities 

Arena sawmill0682

Pythonissam's duplication ability

Like any demon, Pythonissam has control over fire. Usually surrounding her victim or opponent in fire so they can't escape.

She has control over the dead, namely zombies. She can use them to kill her victims, but due to their unreliable nature, she doesn't use them to do important tasks.

Her main power is to turn invisible, that way she can be observant without any interruption.

If needed, she can create duplicates of herself.

She can also levitate herself off the ground, but this causes her to only be able to stay in one place.

Faults and Weaknesses

Being a demon, the most obvious weakness is angelic freaks, she may be able to hold her own against one, but if there's two angelic freaks or more, then she flee's, knowing she can't fight two angelic freaks and live.

Unlike many other demons. her powers will wear her out, causing her to be an easier target in long battles.

Her duplicates are extremely fragile, as any amount of impact will destroy them.

She also can't take much damage, should she take high amounts of damage, she will explode. Literally.

People and freaks that are sensitive to their surroundings can evade her.


She is somewhat based off of Cora from Once Upon A Time.

Private Sentry is the one who gave her the name.

Pythonissam is Latin for "Witch".

By the Creator

Rise of the Witch

So I heard some bad news