Creator shirosaki97
Creation May 24, 2013
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Friendly
Cocky (Combat)
Fighting style Mid-Range
Abilities Genius Intellect
Vast Arsenal
Enhanced Fitness
Weaknesses Frail defence
Lacks Destructive Power
Prone to Fear
Status Alive
Occupation Freak Hunter

Schemer is a RED Beta-style Sniper TF2 Freak created by YouTube user shirosaki97. He wears the Triad Trinket and the Champ Stamp, and is always carrying a weapon of sorts, be it hand-held explosives or guns.

While he doesn't have a specific defining theme, Schemer's theme consists of numerous tracks from the Yugioh GX Original Sound Track.


Schemer at first glance seems friendly and well mannered, if not a bit slow on the uptake, however he gets along well with anyone who is willing to talk with him, however, he is much more intelligent than it seems, he is very perceptive of his surroundings, and he adapts to the situation to how he deems fit, he is a cunning manipulator, being able to confuse able minded enemies with relative ease.

Despite his incredibly high intellect, Schemer doesn't abuse it, he uses his intelligence to help out when necessary, he seems to become rather cynical when he does this, he often points out to people if they make silly mistakes, despite this he usually gets by without too much hassle.

In battle, Schemer is rather calm and collected and true to his name, he spends a lot of time scheming in battle, often taking a back seat and letting others attack him while he evades them, he also tends to enjoy annoying his opponents by mocking their attempts of attacking him, he also seems a lot more reckless, often just barely dodging attacks that could severely dampen his chances on winning and even standing too close to his own destructive attacks.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Schemer's most note worthy ability is his genius intellect, which allows him to be on par with some of the literal monsters of the TF2 Freak world, most of whom are rather dull, even by normal standards. He is able to form complex strategies and events which could cause rather major damage to an unprepared enemy, Schemer usually pairs up his weapons in a way where they benefit each other, making the most out of them.

Most of Schemer's attacks are caused by his vast arsenal, which he constantly switches out of so as to never be unprepared, however, his arsenal is not limited to just weapons from the Sniper class, Schemer is able to effectively use most if not all class weapons, however, his most common weapons are hand-held explosives, most of which are specialized to work better in different conditions, such as remote explosives, sticky explosives and explosives that can be fired from a gun, these all cause a large amount of damage, and are generally used in combos so that the maximum damage can be attained.

Finally, Schemer is rather agile, being able to dodge and outpace many TF2 Freaks somewhat, unless said TF2 Freak specializes in speed.

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