Creator Mimicry Legends
Creation 4th of October, 2016
Debut Pending
Type Reptile
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Chill
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Regeneration
Elemental Claws
Night Vision
Water Stream
Weaknesses Weak Attack
Stealth Only
Multiple Offends
Unhealable Damage
Status Alive
Occupation Dweller
Allies RED Team and BLU Scout at Doublecross
Enemies Anyone who enters his area
Trickman Jester

Slipfall, is a GRN Pyro freak created by wikia user and Steam user, Mimicry Legends.


Slipfall is seen wearing the Abhorrent Appendages, the Vampyro, the Triboniophorus Tyrannus, the Creature From The Heap and the Monster's Stomper's.

Personality and Behaviour

Slipfall seems to behave in a 50/50 good and bad way, he helps save other people and scares off anyone who enters his area at the bottom of Doublecross. He follows a strict rule, of that who ever he helps must be in danger for him to assist, but for anyone who is dying or injured he can't do anything about it, which sometimes offends others at times.

He doesn't like to be seen by anyone unless his allies, he will try to scare away the perpetrator, but if the enemy strike back or offend him, he will be forced to knock them out.

Powers and Abilities

One of Slipfall's special abilities is that he can virtually regenerate from any injury, either it be a gun wound or a stab from a sword. Like most reptiles, he can camouflage with his environment, but works like cloak. Slipfall's claws seem to harden when a certain element is in his radius, so his claws will inflict fire if fire is around him. His night vision can detect enemies in the dark, but can also detect cloaked freaks, prop freaks and freaks hiding themselves. He usually goes quicker in water, so he can gush out a stream of water to slide in, making him slightly faster.

Faults and Weaknesses

Even though Slipfall can regenerate from any damage, unhealable damage such as multiple explosives, an explosion enough to clear half an area or effects can take a toll on Slipfall's regenerative abilities. His attack power is relatively weak and could only cause major damage to low ranks and mercenaries.He relies on his stealth to finish the job so he is cowardly when brought outside. When fighting with other freaks or more powerful freaks, he works on distractions so the other freak can input damage. So Slipfall can't really fight in return. Slipfall hates when people offend him for himself, so multiple ofends to Slipfall can send him in a flying rage, making him vulnerable due to his weakness.


  • Slipfall's regen abilities come from SCP-682, of that it can regenerate from any injuries and are both reptiles.