Soldieer Herd
2016-02-17 00001
A Red Soldieer
Leader(s) WHT Soldieers
Senior Member(s) BLK Soldieers
Other Members PRL Soldieers

ORG Soldieers
YLW Soldieers
GRN Soldieers
RED Soldieers
BLU Soldieers

Affiliation N/A
Purpose Continued existence of the Soldieer Species


The Soldieer *herd* Are a group of Soldiers with the Festive antlers on.  They are similar to humans in many ways, but have strange powers that seperate them from humans. Mainly living on all fours, if needed, they can stand up on their hind legs, but only for a short while. They are characterised by their large skulls, used in dominance displays.


Soldieers lvie in a small community in the forest in wooden homes. WIP