Creator Weegeetnik
Creation 1 June 2011
Debut Here's What Ninja Scout Has That You Don't Usually Eat Unless You Are Japanese (defunct video)
Type Pork
Alignment True Neutral
Fighting style Melee
Status Living species
Occupation Snorting

The Spigs are a race of animal-like Spies. They are considered as porks due to their typical "snorts". They were officially introduced in Sniper visits the farm.

Personality and Behaviour

They usually live in groups, but they can live alone. They also are territorial: they live in one specific place. When they live in a group, they stay in the wild, but when alone, they live near human habitations.

They are omnivorous, but they have preferences for some particular foods, like melons, popcorn or sandwiches.

They, mainly, always stay at one place, but when they feel menaced, they can move quickly to another place in using a technique that apparently consist to run with the legs near from the ground.


  • Spigs were originally called "Snortmen".

Notable videos

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