SynthetG Pic
Creator Hellman604
Creation 21.05.2013
Debut SynthetG
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Calm
Hostile (To REDs)
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Laser Gun
Infrared Scope
Analyzing an Enemy
Weaknesses Upset to REDs
Broken Teleport
Easy to tell when the laser is firing
Status Alive
Occupation Synthetz Warriors' new co-leader
Superiors SynthetMedic(Formerly)
Subordinates SynthetScout
Allies SynthetSoldier
Enemies Any RED

SynthetG is a BLK-GRN TF2 Freak created by Hellman604.


He was once an Elder Synthez Warrior who was one of the Synthets in the great war between Chaos Magicians and Synthets. After the war was over,SynthetG took damage to his teleporter and couldn't teleport anywhere else. He went into a 2Fort someday and then he was ambushed by the RED Mercenaries.He was beaten up and lost all of his parts. However SynthetMedic and SynthetSpy ran into him while they were in 2Fort. They reactivated him and restored his parts,but SynthetMedic was unable to restore his teleporter completely.

After SynthetSoldier was created,SynthetG became his teacher and tought him the art of combat. After SynthetMedic's "death", SynthetG and SynthetSoldier became new the Co-Leaders of the Synthez Warriors, a elite mercenary force.

Appearance and Personality

He wears a GRN Camouflaged uniform and he wears Virtual Reality Headset,Clockwork Helm and a Pip-Boy.He is always calm with his friend and tries to give any advices he knows,but when he sees a RED Mercenary or a Freak(except The Dove) he immediately becomes upset because of a deactivation flashback and attacks the RED.

Abilities and Powers

He has a Laser-Gun arm to use in combat.He got it after he lost his arm in a War.He uses it to attack the enemy in range if it is impossible to get to him or something. His Virtual Reality Headset is basically his Infra-red Scope.So it will allow him to discover the invisible enemies.Pip-Boy he is wearing gives him an information about a Freak he is fighting.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He never pays attention to anything else before killing all the REDs.So he will not see any incoming attacks from behind or anywhere else,because he never strays away from killing every single one of REDs.
  • His teleporter is broken, so he will not be able to teleport on long distances.He can however teleport over bottomless pits that are near him.
  • His laser usually starts flashing when firing.So it is easy to tell when he is attacking with his gun and quite easy to dodge.

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