Creator Hellman604
Creation 25.04.2013
Debut SynthetMedic's Upgrade
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral Evil
True Neutral(after reprogramming)
Attitude Hostile
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Knife Expert
Stats Increase
Status Deceased
Occupation Servant
Superiors SynthetMedic(temporary)
Subordinates Every other Synthet
Enemies Robosol

SynthetSpy is a BLK Spy TF2 Freak created by Hellman604.


He came in this world along with SynthetMedic to begin the invasion.He was one of SynthetMedic's most trusted servants untill he was reprogrammed.He sacrifised his life in order to save SynthetSoldier from the Coup De Grace spell.Instead SynthetMedic desintigrated SynthetSpy by demolishing his body.Though SynthetMedic did eventually came back,SynthetSpy is still not alive.

Appearence and PersonalityEdit

He is a BLK Spy wearing a Hat of Cards and a double cross-comm mask.Before he was reprogrammed he was hostile to any other freak except his master.

Abilities and PowersEdit

His main power was expertship in knife-using.He learned to use it in many ways.Also he could teleport like any other Synthet.He could use all of his strength to increase his stats.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • His main fault was his mask.Take it off and he will be powerless and not able to fight or use any of his skills.
  • His another weakness was that he was weak against non-knife weapons.
  • He was sometimes stopping to reset his power.That leaves him open to attack.

Notable VideosEdit

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