Tankina Hito
Creator BurgerLord
Creation January 27, 2016
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Boisterous
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced fitness
Rage mode
Weaknesses Lack of ranged abilities
Status MIA
Superiors The Veteran
Allies Vagidemo
The Agent

Tankina Hito is a WHT FemScout conceptualized by BurgerLord


After overhearing The Veteran, The Agent and LE the Creator fighting BLK Vagineers, Tankina decided to follow the noise and fight the malformed engineers with them until Vagidemo's conversion, then she decided to back out. However, she decided to fight along side with The Veteran (not abiding by his rules, though). However, during The Veterans battle with the Original Vagineer, she vanished without a trace.

Personality and Behavior

Tankina is a hotheaded individual, usually seeking to fight anyone who even slightly offends her, whether the dispute be verbal or physical depends on how offended she seems.

However, she's more likely to fight villainous freaks whether they offend her or not, knowing they're out to harm people and she's less likely to fight genuinely good hearted freaks like Intelligent Heavy or Ghost, but most of their fights (if any) would be verbal.

She has a hidden soft-spot, but refuses to show it. However, it will come out from time-to-time.

Powers and Abilities

Tankina has enhanced strength, she's able to fight off one or two RED Vagineers without any help.

She also has enhanced speed, able to outrun many different people and some freaks.

She also has enhanced durability, she's able to take most attacks and not take a whole bunch of damage.

Tankina has a rather threatening demeanor, she is able to inspire fear in some freaks.

She has a rage mode, in this state her eyes start to glow red and her abilities rise a 60%.

Faults and Weaknesses

Tankina is highly unfocused, anything ranging from food to shiny objects can stray her away from her goals.

She doesn't have any means of ranged combat.

Tankina can't inspire fear into animalistic, spiritual, demonic or angelic freaks (i.e. Painis Cupcake, Slender Mann, Nightmare Medic, Karma Soldier).

Her hotheadedness can cause her to lose awareness of her surroundings.

Like anyone with a rage mode, she can only activate this when she's in a state of anger.

  • And even when she activates this, she'll be visibly weakened afterwards.


Tankina Hito was partly inspired by Taiga from Toradora.

"Tankina hito" is Japanese for "hothead".

She has a liking for a RED Sniper, but she'll deny his existence.