The Rift
Screenshot 2016-10-14 at 9.36.09 PM
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation 10/10/16
Type Fairy
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Kind (Beginning)
Cheerful (When the user redeems himself)
Angry (When the use turns out to be selfish and greedy)
Abilities Able to give the person he is talking to luck
Gives prizes to people who are pure
Gives a forever lasting bad luck curse on who anyone who tries to kill him
Status Alive
Occupation Giving everyone a chance at the riches

The Rift is a miniature GRN Spy freak made by user Captain Huzan

His theme is _______


“The Rift” is a small green Spy who loves to give anyone he see’s a chance on making a fortune, he gives the person his shovel and tells him/she to dig up anywhere to find a Treasure chest worth thousands, he then chooses/teleports their best friend to them. If the person shares with his or her friend they will be able to keep and split the money

However. If the person even makes one gesture towards their friend or a mean word. Example: Back off. The treasure will vanish, enraging Rift. Rift will then cast them out of existence/another timeline


Rift is a young male Spy with a kind heart, willing to give anyone he chance, it is how he has survived to this very day.

Rift appeared one day a Engineer talking with a scout. He told him to go dig up a spot and the Engineer did so, he then told the Scout he was able to have half of whatever his bf found. The Red Engie found treasure but shoved his best friend back when he reached for it. Enraged clapped his hands, the treasure vanished. The Engineer immediately started to plead as he vanished from reality and was swooped into the Soul Jar

Powers and Abilities

Rift is able to grant a person luck, he gives them his magic shovel, anywhere they dig a treasure chest will arise filled with priceless gold.

If the user shares with his friend. The chest will stay and the Shovel will return to rift

If the user makes a gesture of any kind or harsh word to their friend and they try to keep the treasure all for himself. Rift will become enraged and the person who was given their chance will fade from reality to another timeline (The Shovel will return to Rift)

If the user tries to attack Rift when they meet him, get the reward or lose the reward they will be curse with bad luck if they are immune to the previous effect of being moved to another timeline

Rift will fade from reality to another timeline if the freak attacks him head on or tries to shoot him

Rift is able to make a GRN "Gifting Man From Gifting Land" appear and give the target a free prize if they redeem as already a kind soul

Faults and Weaknesses

He does not believe in second chances

Quick Draws can hurt him but will still made him fade away

The Rift cannot actually kill anyone but send them back in time or forward in time at random