The Samurai
Samurai Redesign
Creator Cheetah1251
Creation January 26, 2011
Debut Team Fortress 3 ~ Meet the Samurai

Black in BLK (Reprise)

Type Japanese Warrior
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Brave, Determined
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Pyrokinesis

Inhuman Strength

Status Alive
Occupation Samurai
"あなた...好敵手である。 (Translation: You... are a worthy opponent.)"
The Samurai encountering a difficult opponent

The Samurai (real name 勇剛 or Isamu Tsuyoshi) is a BLK/RED Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Cheetah1251.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The Samurai appears as a BLK/RED Soldier equipped with the Killer's Kabuto and the Menpo. The Samurai is a brave and serious warrior who is willing to fight to the death to defend anyone who is in trouble. He also appears to speak in Japanese more often than English.

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

The Samurai can slash through his enemies in no time using just his katana. He can also throw shirukens at enemies, which can also bounce off of walls. Even without his sword, the Samurai possesses massive destructive power and can crush his enemies using martial arts moves that he learned from Heavy Sumo Guy.

Fighting can also build him up a fire-elemental rage mode that sets his hands, feet and weapons on fire and allow him to use fiery moves.


  • The Samurai was originally RED.
  • The Samurai is by far the oldest of Cheetah's Freaks, appearing in his first original Gmod video.
  • A second reprise of the Samurai, known as "Samurai Soldier of the Rocket Clan", is currently in the works in collaboration with YouTube user JT90INTHEHOUSE.


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