The Veteran
Veteran 2
Creator BurgerLord
Creation 10/17/15
Debut So I heard some bad news
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Determined
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Dexterous with weapons
High durability
Knowledge of weapons outside the soldier loadout
Weaknesses Slow due to bulkiness
Status Alive
Occupation Military Soldier
Subordinates Vagidemo
The Agent
Allies HECU

The Veteran is a Beta RED Soldier TF2 Freak conceptualized by the YouTube user BurgerLord.

His theme is the Skyrim Theme Song.

Appearance and Personality

The Veteran is a Beta RED soldier wearing the Lucky Shot. He's normally seen holding two weapons at once.

The Veteran is extremely determined, as he won't give up on his mission. He will fight a freak, should s/he be assigned to him. The Veteran also devotes himself to protect other mercenaries, whether RED or BLU (which is conflicting to him, seeing as both the teams fight each other), causing him to also be seen as both a traitor and a savior on both teams. He mainly tries to protect them from freaks like Vagineer and Dic Soupcan.

Powers and Abilities

The Veteran is military trained, unlike other soldiers, giving him the ability to use weapons that the scout or sniper uses.

Due to his harsh training, he's much more durable and stronger than an average soldier (mercenary, not military trained), making him last longer in fights.

  • Also, due to being in strength enhancing experiments, The Veterans physical strength rivals that of Private Funnyman or Christian Brutal Sniper, etc.

He is rather skilled with weapons, he has 95% more accuracy than an average mercenary.

He also has a Boost mode, making him 60% faster and stronger than he normally is.

Because of his Lucky Shot, headbutting someone would create a small explosion.

If needed, The Veteran can teleport away, leaving a flash grenade in his place to ensure no enemies could potentially follow him.

Faults and Weaknesses

The Veteran is rather slow on foot, due to him being really bulky and due to him carrying heavy weapons.

The Veteran doesn't have the strength to fight high ranked freaks like Painis Cupcake or BLU Vagineer (but he tries anyway).

Headbutting someone would knock him back as well.

His fleeing flash bang attack doesn't work on those who use other senses to find him (i.e. Twitch's fear locator).

By the Creator

So I heard some bad news

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