Toxic Pyro
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation Nov,18,2016
Type Cyborg
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Silent(while hiding)
Raging(In combat)
Fighting style Ambushes follow by neck break
Abilities Big Bite
Razor claws
Toxic Breath
Fast Jumps
Death Scream
Neck Breaking
Weaknesses Water
Status Alive
Occupation Ambushing people
Superiors Unknown
Enemies Any Spy or Scout mercenaries or freaks

Toxic Pyro a RED Pyro TF2 Freak created by wikia user: Kyuubiman3

His Idle theme is Castle Crashers OST - Dark Skies

His Rage Theme is Conker Live & Reloaded OST - Haybot Wars

Origins Edit

He thought he was a real pyro working at Dustbowl second stage as the box mover with his best friend a BLU Sniper who works as the manager of the work force till a group from BLU Spy's group of Soldiers and Scouts attacked and kill everyone even his friend when he was shot in the head it reveals that he's a robot with facial features and become enraged and used his death scream to kill everyone near the base and now travels to areas with high gear tech.

Personality Edit

He's silent while hiding and tries to keep his distance from anyone he sees. The only real thing that makes him go out are scouts and spies that he hates and gets irritated by them. His most basic thing what he will do when he sees one off them is ambushing them and right on the place trying to break their necks. If he is enraged he will become blind of rage but knows where they are.

Appearance Edit

He looks like any other pyro but with a Endoskeleton head and sometimes see in blood

Power and Abilities Edit

  • His ability to Break Necks with ease kills any one with a neck.
  • His Big Bite bites normal peoples' head off instantly expect (Robot freaks).
  • His Razor Claws can cut through multiple People
  • His Teleportion Powers teleport him anywhere to ambush his victims.
  • His Toxic breath can melt through any shield or amour and acts as afterburns.
  • His Fast Jump can jump fast to dodge attacks
  • His Death Scream acts like a "Jumpscare" and stuns people for 10 seconds.

Faults and Weakness Edit

  • While in Fast Jump he can't attack and can be opened to attacks
  • Only EMP or water can damage his AI
  • His weak spot is located at the back of the pyro's neck
  • His neck snap can't break any strong freaks neck or people with out necks
  • He has a self-destruct as a final resort to kill his prey but if fast enough they can escape
  • When blind he can be ambush if his targets are fast and a quick thinker.

Trivial Edit

  • His head is from the Steam community TF2 Hex - Endoskeleton
  • His Scream is from Hunter and Smoker from Left 4 Dead
  • Despite him killing people and stealing technology he's just misunderstood all he wants is just his best friend back