Creator Mimicry Legends
Creation 30th of November, 2016
Debut Pending
Type Cyborg
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Fun-Loving
Fighting style All Range
Status Alive
Occupation Member of the MTaAU
Superiors Scouter Boss
Subordinates Edge Scout
Allies Comload

"Dumber than dirt, ain'tcha? Heh."

— Tremble, making a dry joke

Tremble is a BWN Engineer freak created by Steam and Wikia user, Mimicry Legends.

His theme is Plague Inc. - In-Game Music


Tremble is seen wearing the Mining Light, the Iron Fist, Ein, the Trencher's Tunic, the Virtual Reality Headset and the Pip-Boy.


Tremble was abandoned straight at birth for no particular reason, and mysteriously ended up being cared for by cannibalistic, troglofauna who hunted anyone daring anyone finding a shelter or refugee. But Tremble did not commit to these acts, but instead stayed outside to hunt fruit and animals. After growing up, he discovered how brutal his fake parents were, and mercy killed them. He went to study the outside world, earned a PhD on Seismology and joined the MTaAU to earn profit for himself. He continues to study earthquakes, but more importantly, manipulating and finding the tectonic plates of the TF2 Freak World, even though they seemingly aren't real.

Behaviour and Personality

Tremble is a fun-loving man, who always likes to crack a joke every now and then, although his allies dislike him doing so. He isn't usually funny and decides to crack dry jokes purposely to annoy his own allies, or enemies, usually at wrong or good times.

But he can also be outright ferocious, as his battle style mostly consists of attack and range, dealing tremendous damage to those who stand in his way of research or a mission by Scouter Boss.

Powers and Abilities

Faults and Weaknesses