Trickman Jester
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Creator Mimicry Legends
Creation 19th of September, 2016
Debut Pending
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Tricky
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Necrokiniises
Multiple Axetinguishers
Entering of mind
Three Lives
Weaknesses No killing
Weaker with less hearts
Defeated when with one heart
Strong metal powers
Disguise will emit a trail
Status Alive
Occupation Tricking people into death

Trickman Jester is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak created by Wikia user and starter GMODder, Mimicry Legends.


Trickman Jester is seen wearing the Exoriser, a larger version of the Fallen Angel and the Skullface of Snake Mountain. He is also seen holding the Axtinguisher.

Behaviour and Personality

Trickman Jester's only role is to bring insanity to the TF2 Freak World, and wil go to extreme lengths to bring them down. He will use any trick he can manifest to help in his eternal quest for craze, every dirty trick he can use, he will use to eliminate his foes with succession, if not, he will usually grumble to himself as he runs defeated, but will always come back to try again and again.

But he too, can go under the effects of insanity, and will usually happen whenever he is defeated. He will scream his head off and go on a rampage until he calms down. But nevertheles, he will suprisingly not understand the effects of insanity. And can go insane again and again until finally, he go permenantly insane.

Powers and Abilities

Being a demon, he know basic necrokiniises, like summoning souls and dishing out balls of darkness, but also holds the ability of trickery.

Tirickman Jester can clone himself to deal with more powerful freaks than him, can also feign death, like the Dead Ringer, but the difference is that he can still attack while close and can feign anytime he needs to. Trickman Jester can also disguise as props, humans, nature and non-existent things like smoke and air, Trickman Jester can also spawn his Axetinguisher multiple times. Trickman Jester can also enter their minds and show them their days of stress, and is Trickman Jester's way to disorientate and bring the victim to insanity. Trickman Jester has a total of three lives for an unknown reason, and will die three times before dying permenantly.

Faults and Weaknesses

Trickman Jester's only task is to send his victims to insanity, so he doesn't kill unless he can't make them go insane. So freaks can pummel him down before he puts his task on you. Every time one of his hearts die, he grow reletively weaker by the standards, so he is quick on defeat. He always tries to flee when he only has one heart left, so freaks with enough range can end him permenantly. Freaks with strong mental power can negate Trickman Jester's main use of insanity, Trickman is weak, only that of a normal Spy, so he can be taken down with swift succession and his disguise will emit a trail of smoke, so freaks can target him easily.


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