Trolldier Cop
Trolldier flipoff
Creator Sneakiest Chameleon
Creation 24 September 2014
Debut obnoxious_trolldier_
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Dickish
Fighting style Short-to-Mid-Range
Abilities Uses his wit to troll who he wants.
Status Alive
Occupation Trolling

Trolldier Cop is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user SneakiestChameleon.

Appearance Edit

Trolldier Cop is a RED Soldier wearing a traditional police cap. He's supposed to wear a badge as officers do, but he usually leaves it at home.

Biography Edit

Trolldier Cop once worked at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria with a Heavy, a Scout, and a Spy. He was busy annoying his co-workers, and this caused the Spy to leave. Trolldier would later discover that the Heavy was using a voice-changer, and that the animatronics are out to rape them. He then took recluse in the control room to get away from the squeaker Heavy, where he would meet Freddy himself. With no one there to help him anymore due to his consistent trolling, he would get his just-desserts. He would later show up at other places doing the same thing he did at Freddy’s, not caring for the consequences.

Trolldier Cop is also a primary antagonist in Heavy’s Key Quest, as he takes Heavy’s key (which was ironically already stolen) and hinders his plans to profit off of it. Heavy got it back from him in part 3, but as of part 5, Trolldier Cop returned to snatch the key again and teleported himself to places still unknown.

Behavior & Personality Edit

Trolldier Cop will nerve every person he meets, no matter what, in the name of lulz. He really doesn’t like squeakers, especially if they are annoying. This incites protocol for him and whoever is trolling with him to attack. He goes by the rules and would take them to the extremes to get kids off his game. He is accompanied by the “YEAH” song from CSI Miami whenever he introduces himself. When he gets bored, he watches internet videos.

Faults & Weaknesses Edit

His trolling of certain people may come back to rape him in his ass, due to a random circumstance, or by getting banned from a server. In some cases the former will prove lethal to him. Being the type of guy that wouldn’t resist trolling people, he will probably ignore what he learned from an incident and troll some more for lulz.

Trivia Edit

  • Trolldier Cop is a current mascot of the Steam group “Anti-Squeaker Alliance”, which his creator is involved in.
  • Trolldier Cop couldn't appear in the smexual "the_$5500_team..." along with the voted characters because his original video was made too late into $5000 team's production, and could only appear in the first scene when it was decided to extend the video.

Notable Videos Edit

By the Creator Edit

  • obnoxious_trolldier_cop_harasses_everybody_in_a_random_malicious_pizza_place.cupcake (debut)
  • the_$5500_team_enjoys_a_fappy_cookout_but_then_chaos_ensues_and_piss_train_gets_involved.burger (cameo)

By the Community Edit

  • obnoxious_trolldier_cop_harrasses_everybody_in_a_random_malicious_pizza_place[GMOD version
  • Revenge (5000 sub special) (cameo)
  • Heavy's Key Quest Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 5.
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