Creator Icy guy2
Creation 2016
Type Loser
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Enthusiastic
Fighting style Close-Ranged
Abilities Golfsmanship
Kitchenware Manipulation
Weaknesses Frailty
Status Alive (suprisingly)
Occupation Wannabe Vigilante
Enemies Evil Freaks

Twerp is a RED Medic TF2 Freak conceptualized by Icy guy2.

His theme is Dimble Woods 1 from Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story.

Personality and Behavior

Twerp is a heroic individual who genuinely wants to help people. He admires other benevolent freaks, such as the Tornado Skaters and Fortress Legion, and often tries to befriend them. However his incompetency in combat doesn't make him a reliable ally to more combat oriented freaks. Despite his bravery and enthusiasm, Twerp himself is actually quite shy and is usually seen shambling around nervously.

He tends to follow a distinctive patern. He will appear behind an evil or hostile freak and will loudly exclaim "Hyaaaa!". If the freak turns to him, he will then continue with "Uh oh...this is actually really bad".

Even if the opponent hasn't attacked him yet, he will act in "self defense". Proceeding to nervously say "You will please be unconscious", he will attempt to swing his golf club and will usually be counter-attacked. This will start combat.

Powers and Abilities

For what it's worth, Twerp is somehow able to manipulate kitchenware via telekinesis. Pans, Pots, Cleavers and more are all under his control. He can also stick them together, creating a "gluing" effect.

Twerp's weapon of choice is a golf club which he uses much like a sword. Although it holds no special abilities, it's haunted by a ghost. The ghost is unnecessarily vulgar, yelling out "PISS" at completely random moments. Otherwise, its personality is yet to be seen.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Twerp, as his name would imply, embodies the "loser" archetype. Because of this, his raw physical strength, durability, weapon proficiency, and strategies are around Gravy Guitarman's level.
  • Extremely bold, Twerp has yet to realize the limits of his abilities, and often attempts to fight stronger freaks. He once tried to befriend Aqua and also attempted to fight Heavydile.


  • Twerp was initially designed as a spoof of Medizard.